LUCKYCAT Restock + Newsletter + New Patches

LUCKYCAT Restock + Newsletter + New Patches


Thank you for waiting! All sizes of the LUCKYCAT sweatshirt has been restocked!


Please sign up for my newsletter via my online store! It will be on the homepage if you scroll down. I'm going to announce my Winter 2020 collection via newsletter first and then on social media. It's something I want to try to implement more and more as my brand grows as I know not everyone checks social media all the time. It also allows me to add more information on store updates, new releases and event news in general. If you'd like to be part of this, just sign up for the newsletter. Anyone that recently ordered from my store have already been automatically added to the newsletter list if you allowed email marketing. 


Made some more self indulgent patches! One new keyring of LAZY BEAR and one new patch of one of my most popular designs, TAKO! Feel free to check it out!

I'm planning to expand my embroidery keychain patch collection very soon for WINTER 2020! Fingers crossed!

Thank you for reading!

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