SPRING 2021 Release + Restocks + New Store Look!

SPRING 2021 Release + Restocks + New Store Look!

Spring 2021 Collection

SPRING 2021 has been released!! Introducing my first colorblock sweatshirts, bucket hats and socks, along with two new pattern shirts! I really hope everyone likes this mini collection along with the new site layout!

🛍️View Full Collection Here🛍️ 

Happy Shopping!

Restocks and Arrivals

Thank you for waiting! The small size of the Croc Windbreaker Jacket has finally arrived! The initial shipment was unfortunately lost but my supplier was kind enough to remake everything from scratch and ship the inventory to me along with my new collection!

Other items that have been restocked:

The restock BIG BAD Jacket is already in progress and hopefully should arrive at the end of May or early June 2021! Please sign up for the restock reminder so you do not miss out! Or check out the restock schedule.



Colorblock Sweatshirt Process 

The design process for this collection was a long and exhaustive one but I learned a lot so I wanted to give some insight on how I designed some of the pieces. Colorblock sweatshirts were something I definitely wanted to design for my brand; I actually designed both the I AM LOAF and LOGO colorblock around the same time as my HELLO BOY colorblock hoodie. The yellow and black color combination came easily to me and it was easier to compose where the colors went since it had an additional space on the hood to work with; with the sweatshirts, however, I had more difficulty. Colorblock has been quite the trend in all facets of fashion especially streetwear but I wanted to create something specifically for my brand. I wanted to be playful with colors and simple but bold with embroidery detail. 

Here are some initial sketches and samples for my LOGO colorblock sweatshirt.

While the sweatshirt looked fine in the sketch, when the physical sample came there were a myriad of problems. The way the body and sleeves were segmented made the person wearing it look rather stiff, and the placement of the embroidery made it look like the back of the sweatshirt. I had to go back to the drawing board and ultimately combined the dark body of one design with the pink of the light variant. In the end, I do like that the design is eyecatching as a colorblock but is lowkey enough for me to wear personally.


Here are the initial sketches for the I LOAF YOU colorblock sweatshirt.

My supplier warned the first iteration of the design was too complicated to cut and sew. The main concern were the details on the sleeves which were also too hard to achieve via silkscreen. Additionally, I had to compromise with using my supplier's fabric chart which did not have this beigey base color. Actually, now I am quite relieved I decided to go with a dark color for the body of the sweatshirt because beige can be a hit or miss color to wear.

I hope to experiment with other color palettes in the future! Thank you for reading!


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