Winter 2022 Release introduces sweaters to the KINWAMONSTER lineup!


Introducing three knit sweater designs along with a new colorblock sweater, and new TIGER windbreaker jacket to celebrate the Year of the Tiger! 


A huge thank you to my models, photographers and editors for helping me with this collection! I couldn't have done it without you!




This new collection. excluding the Blue Tiger Windbreaker Jacket preorder item, will be available in limited quantities at KATSUCON 2022! Items will be first come, first serve! I will be at dealer's booth O18-19 in the back of the exhibit all! Hope to see you there!


KINWAMONSTER will now slowly include sizes up to 3XL for future apparel items. I'm trying my best to include more plus sizes for previously released items so please stay tuned! Thank you for your patience!

Size charts have been overhauled and replaced with updated information where applicable! You can see full size images of all the new size charts on the product pages as well as on the SIZE GUIDE AND CHART page.



My Winter collections are always an introspective love story to my brand; I tend to release designs at this time that I personally connect with as well designs I would personally wear. This is my first time designing sweaters to add to my brand; one of the reasons I chose sweaters was because I enjoy designing patterns and large scale illustrations and sweaters allow that kind of all-over print effect I want. I think my pattern button-ups was great creative practice for this new apparel type!


One of my very first pieces for my brand was an all-over print MONSTERS t-shirt that has since been discontinued. The design can still be seen in my convention backdrop banners and business card to this day. I've always been quite attached to the design, how it seamlessly intertwines with itself and showcases monsters so integral to my brand. I simplified the design here with bolder lines and shapes. I chose to showcase some of my favorite monsters, including my iconic Creature mascot, as well as the triangular pyramid creature and amoeba. This is the only sweater design of the three to have different sleeve designs because I wanted to show off more of my monster creations!



Last year, I made a GALAXY Button-Up t-shirt based off a Saturn embroidery patch I made ages ago. I liked the design so much I wanted to explore how to make space and the galaxy a little more monstrous. Designs with aliens and stars soon came into creation and were part of the default galaxy theme. While the button-up was more black with pastel accents, I wanted the all-over print sweater to be more colorful so I split the sweater half and half between the black vacuum of space and the pink clouds of the atmosphere! 




Ever since the lockdown, I have not had the opportunity to do my annual visit back to Taiwan and have been feeling nostalgic. This piece is inspired by my memories of taking the high speed rail train from the airport all the way down south to my grandma's house in Taiwan. Along the way, you see an endless sea of rice fields and grain and in the distance, you can see tall majestic mountains and little houses here and there, hiding in the forest growth. Home, tries to capture the wistfulness and longing feeling for a familiar neighborhood by the mountains, a place you can call home.

This design style is also very much inspired by Asian casual streetwear; it is just comforting to look at. I think Meowstars, who modeled all three sweaters, really captured that warmth and approachable nature of that style in her photographs. Something you can toss on to run errands or to meet up with friends! Super versatile!

A quick fun fact: the original design had a collar. I later revised the design to not have one to make it more flexible in styling. This way you can mix and match items you already own in your wardrobe!


Hope this collection will keep you cozy and warm this winter! 


Thank you for reading! Happy Shopping!

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